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That Ole' Pro-Town sound ya heard...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Denim For Sale

Get at me I am selling this.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Money Up Front.

A photo to go along with the best joint on the Pro-Town compilation (IMO). Left to right Bums, Strest, Ref.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sorry bout the size...

Here it is.

Custom covers.

Did these couple of covers for a few swell fellas over at Diggers with Gratitude. I have to thank everyone out in Europe for they're support. The Pro-Town comp. has been selling like crazy over there. Hit us up for a copy while they last, numbers are dwindling so you want to grab one of these before they are gone TRUST ME!

Romens' project is mastered and from what I understand the shit knocks so get ready people it has been a while but the doc is in with your medicine STAY TUNED!!! Peace,from the Pro-Town fam.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Finally a good old B.A.M. mix for ya's....Have a Good One

Al-Bums Production

"Ain't Shit Changed"

Puttin' in work....

The Pro-Town troop is puttin' in some serious work right now. There are a few projects that are in the workings at the moment. If you missed it on Friday night Ready Ink was in the building at the Firehouse for Mr. Mortal's once a month celebration, Elevation. Be sure to go out and support Mortal, this is the man who has brought you many different parties through the years including UNITY. Ready Ink (J.Strest, Info-Mite)are working on a project at the moment that is sure to have anybody checking they're ego's at the door. Trust me I have been privileged to hear enuff of this collaboration to know that short's will not be taken so stay tuned for that....There is also another collab. brewing that is between none other than MOMAG and Swerveone, keep your ears peeled to local radio for possible leaks of this funk drenched venture. In other Pro-Town news, Rahlo Santiago, a.k.a. Oliver Hopnoodle, a.k.a. Romen Rok is on the verge of finally releasing his much anticipated solo debut project. For real folks this is in process as we speak, in brief convo. with Romen he has confirmed that the project is being mastered as I relay to you this update. So get ready for a Pro-Town filled summer people. Last but definitely not least.....the Christmas Project, oh the Christmas project!!! The adjustments that needed to be made are currently in the works TRUST ME they are being attended to, this is a piece you are not gonna want to miss out on, a 7" on red vinyl with 13 emcees on it, all from our own local area, custom artwork.... You would be a fool not cop one of these just on G.P. Anyways keep doin' your thing stay healthy and love your fam. Peace.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Got That...

Come through ELEVATION this Friday night Feb,12th for all kinds of Pro-Town merch. Including Vinyl, T-shirts, Stickers, CD's, and Grab Bag's with some interesting shit fa'sho'. Make sure that you come out-YOU WILL NOT BE LET DOWN...PRO-TOWN RECORDS, READY INK, will be in the building, Fire House 13, Be there or look really stupid.

Here it is....

Welcome to the Pro-Town Records blogspot. We are dedicated to bringing you that ole'good music. The squadron is put together with individuals who have hand crafted they're own style throughout the years, within this organization YOU WILL NOT find any jump on the bandwagon newjacks. It's called tried and true a standard that is stuck to with the soul purpose of the outcome being "FRESH". The actions executed by this group of artists are not conveyed because it is what we need to do, the actions are executed because they simply have to be, meaning the faint of heart need not apply when it comes to representing yourself through your artistry and dedication. We are ALL a part of this organization and we ALL perform and execute our separate roles that have formed this unit.Within this blog we will try and represent activities that have taken place in the past, events that are current, and also there could be some previews to future plans,projects and performances. Thank you for taking the time out to read the brief foreword. Peace, Swerveone.