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That Ole' Pro-Town sound ya heard...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Snippets "13 emcees of X-Mas"

This is the snippet package for "The 13 emcees of X-Mas" 7" due in next week we will be taking orders soon enjoy. Peace, Swerve.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Pro-Town material.

Here is some new Pro-Town material. These are some possible joints that could be heard on project #3. Peace, Swerve

Monday, March 29, 2010

Custom for: Thirsty-Dragon

Waitin' in Anticipation

As of this week the 13 emcees of X-Mas should be in. The snippets of that should be up soon. We are also gonna upload a snippet package of a bunch of new material that is being sort through, and considered for the new project coming up. Stayed tuned Pro-Towns focus this year is not to let anybody who is looking for that strictly FRESH influenced material down. "Just Hang In There People". Peace, Swerve.

We are here to keep it RAW for ya's.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hell froze over.

The O.K. has finally been sent to press the "13 emcees of X-Mas". It took a minute but if your are involved in vinyl pressing you understand the process. Ideally you would want to be in the session when they are tweaking your master. Unfortunately this is not possible due to the fact the press plant is in Ohio and we are in Rhode Island. So long story short there are a couple of test presses hanging around now, which is not a bad thing considering that they have a completely different versions on them, one of them is the original. True Vinyl collectors know the deal with something of that nature, hmmmmmmmmmm. It is another piece added to the Pro-Town Records catalog. We have put alot of work into these last 2 projects, doing this actually ain't easy, theres alot of bullshit that one goes through while doing projects. Somebody almost always disagrees with something in some way, In the end it is all worth the strain because what you end up with is a project that ALL of us stand by. There is a very short run of this piece being pressed (100 copies). This record showcases 13 different Emcees all from different walks of life some that have been busy on a mic for 20+ years. I truly feel that this record will not let you down. RED VINYL!!!! This is the largest collab of MC'S put on wax, on a track in the history of Rhode Island. Do not miss out on this, IF YOU DON'T HAVE A TURNTABLE BUY ONE! Shit hang this one from your tree as a decoration what ever the case don't miss out. Peace,Swerverock.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Custom for R.D. @(D.W.G.)

2nd Test Presses are here.

The second test presses arrived today. I am souped!!! They sound excellent which means hopefully we can give the go ahead and make the 13 emcees finally happen, stay tuned we will definitely keep all of you updated. In other Pro-Town related news we are currently in the works of finishing up joints and are beginning the process of deciding what goes where. There could be a snippet package dropping momentarily so keep checking in. We wanted to thank all of the people over at Diggers with Gratitude for all of they're support. Make sure you check them out at:

Thank you for all of your support people,
Pro-Town Records.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A record review by Top-Notch.

What we have right here is not really slept on (yet) cause it´s new, so i felt a bit like postin out of my scheme and tell you peeps out there that you better watch out for this incredibly dope LP right here and DON´T SLEEP NOW !!!

This LP goes by the title of Pro Town Records and is featuring a whole lot of very talented MCs, DJs & Producer named Al Bums, Swerve One, Romen Rok, Info Mite, Cevtwo, J Strest, Chachi Carvalho & Jahpan !!!

The whole collective comes straight outta Providence, Rhode Island and is really killing it with this incredibly dope LP right here !!!

There are 12 tracks featured on this LP titled "Welcome To Providence", "Five Deep", "Crash Test", "Him Go", "50 Ways", "Am To Pm RMX", "Doin Dirt", "Fe Fi Fo Fum", "Rhode Island Hospital", "Ice Puppies", "Money Up Front" & "Love Is Blue" which are all produced by Al Bums !!!

They only pressed up 300 copies of this hot ass album which can directly be ordered by Swerve One (you can find all informations right here):

DON´T SLEEP NOW and get yourself one of these beauties while you´re able to and stop moaning around about prices cause that album is priced very well !!!

I recorded some snippets of two my favourite tracks for you to check out !!!

Check out a sample of "Am To Pm RMX":

Check out a sample of "Ice Puppies":

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Test Presses.

At this point talking about the 13 emcees of X-Mas is some old ass news. It is almost as if this project was just a figment of our imaginations, like "this muth@fu*kah is neva comin' out" type shit. Well Bums finished up the mixdown this week and that shit is OUTTA HERE!!! In the muth@fu*kin mail on the plane to vinyl press plant land. See ya, Now lets make this an official piece of music history. 10 and change minutes of a holiday saga packed with that old SEASONS GREETINGS type of cheer. Sign me up I am in, X-Mas during spring..... Break out your sleigh.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Here it is....Definately go check Werners Blog.

Representing Providence On Wax
This is a pretty nice compilation album that's just dropping now from a new label, Pro-Town Records. It's limited to 300 copies, but unlike most limited vinyl releases today, it's not priced to gouge the collector, it's actually priced below the norm: $10 for a full-length LP (11 songs + an intro). It's by a crew from Providence (Pro-Town, see?) Rhode Island that've been down for a good while, but up 'till now haven't put much music out. The full line-up consists of: Romen Rok, DJ Al Bums, Cevtwo, J Strest, Info Mite, Swerve One, Roe Diggs, Minister Ref, Jahpan and Chachi Carvalho. Some of them have put in some guest verses over the years - you may remember Romen Rok from Joe Beats' solo album for instance - but probably made the most noise with their album as Funkbunker Fleet (Slap & Spit) in 2003.

This album is a compilation of material recorded from 1999-today. And what's fun is that you can't tell what's from the 90's and what's recent when listening to it. It's totally consistent and timeless. The production (primarily handled by Al Bums) is on one-hand pretty varied - they use a wide variety of samples, some upbeat and soulful, others loop soulful crooning - but on the other hand, it's all pulled into a unified style of straight boom-bap hip-hop.

Lyrically, it's pretty consistent, too. Some songs are posse cuts, others are solo songs. But regardless, they're pretty much all non-stop battle rhymes in the vein of clever wordplay that only briefly pauses for some scratched-in hooks. You can distinguish who's rapping by their voices alright (Info Might has a gruffer voice, Al Bum's voice is deeper, etc), but writing-wise they seem to speak with one voice. "Love Is Blue," a more contemplative tune, is pretty much the only song that isn't about dissing "you," dropping punchlines ("I'll never get washed up - just like my dirty dishes") and flexing skills ("I stay busy as a bee stuck in a bucket of molasses"). But let's face it, we don't generally like our MCs to stray too far from the formula, do we? And they don't.

So I encourage you to check it out. It won't replace your favorite record by the masters like Rakim or the random rap greats like Unique, but it's some solid underground hip-hop. You can check out snippets and more (they're already planning their next release) at their blog, When releases like this drop in 2010, I feel there's still hope the hip-hop vinyl scene.
Labels: Al Bums, Cevtwo, Chachi Carvalho, Info Mite, J Strest, Jahpan, Minister Ref, Roe Diggs, Romen Rok, Swerve One

Pro-Town compilation review.

Check out this review conducted by Werner Von Wallenrod on his blog.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crazy forward progression as of late . Things are on the move at the spot. 4/5 new joints in the works as of this past week, plus remixes to older joints are in order and ready to be worked. The final touches are finally being put on 13 mc's...whewww. That project will be finishing up finally. There is new material being produced on new machines and the sounds show and prove. Albums always comes with that muck for your eardrums. MomaG is on point with a couple of new joints that are sure to melt off a face or two. My man Stresto just laid out some glowin' hot coals for us tribal folks only to walk over. Damn things are on the move and it feels good to be getting goals accomplished, gotta thank the whole Pro-Town fam for stayin positive through any adversity. Lets keep it rollin fellas. Once again Thank you to all of the cats from around the world for copin' the compilation, that joint is movin quick so if you don't have a copy I suggest you grab one now. Peace Rhode Island, and Whole World. Swerveone